Well, despite it being St. Patricks Day, I didn't have much luck with my set. My opener tanked hard...not a peep. Absolute crickets. It was a new joke, but I expected at least 1 or 2 laughs. That put me off to a bad start. My second joke was much better...of course it wasnt a new joke, so I knew it would do much better than the first. And then all went to shit. I was testing out another new bit, and I forgot half of it. I get to the middle of the joke and I just blank out. I had to pull out my phone 3 times to find my place. At that point there was no return. I had lost the crowd. It was pretty embarrassing. I managed to barely finish the joke..I should have just walked off the stage.

The issue was a last minute rewrite a few hours before my set. I didn't have enough time to get comfortable with the joke. I should have gone with a closer that was more familiar. Lesson learned. Be more prepared.

I hadnt stumbled that bad on stage since I first started this, around 5 yrs ago. It goes to show that no matter how much experience...anyone can lose their spot.

At least I didn't get heckled or boo'd off the stage. I will work on this bit and return next week to exact my sweet revenge.

uhhh...where was I???

uhhh...where was I???