Over a decade ago, Josiah's sister Erin asked him to babysit her 13 month old daughter.  He left her to fend for herself in her high chair all day.  Now, with a toddler of his own, Josiah must rely on the skills from that eventful day in order to car for his own son.

In this hilarious follow-up to 'That was Easy', watch as Josiah figures out a way to tend to his son while still carrying on with his daily routines.  Some things never change.

the crazy cardinal

After settling into their new house, newlyweds Josiah and Suzanne are trying to get accustomed to the different species that inhabit their backyard.

Watch closely as one crazy bird does everything in its power to remind them that nature's alarm clock doesn't come equipped with a snooze button.

the man on the motorcycle without any tattoos [not even dragon ones]

Sometimes, it's good to be hard-headed.

the candy dish

Comedian Josiah James takes a trip to the community candy dish at work.

self checkout

Comedian Josiah James goes shopping on his lunch break.