The lovely actress, survivor, cancer advocate and enlightened Trisha Graybill joins our show as a very special guest.  Doug McHizzle talks about his vasectomy consultation that he had with his doctor.  Trisha shares her humorous visit with her Urologist. 


  • The hosts talk about Louie CK's unannounced stand-up appearance at the Comedy Cellar in NYC.

  • The hosts share their first ever joke they told on stage based on a Twitter post from comedian Ed Solomon.

  • We listen to Canadian Comedian Tyler Morrison as he roasts the United States at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal

  • We watch a segment from Who is America with Sacha Baron Cohen where Youth Shooters of America founder Dan Roberts decides the best way to stop a terrorist is by sticking their foreign dick in his mouth.

  • We discuss the reinvention of comedy by Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby and discuss her latest Netflix special, Nanette.

  • At Doug and Trisha's request, Josiah shares one of Doug's favorite jokes that he has seen Josiah perform.

  • References to George Carlin, Richard Pryor and Chris Rock make their way into the show and we play clips of their routines as it pertains to our show.


Doug, the reigning champion from last episode, takes on some female competition in our new favorite game where the players have to decide if what I say is a paint color or a feminine hygiene product.


The three hosts play an improv game to wrap up the show.  The Returns Department is a game where Trisha is returning an item to Josiah but he doesn't know what that item is and has to guess.  Our gracious co-host Doug comes up with the item that Trisha will be returning.


Doug and Josiah share their opening jokes that they will use at the open mic that is happening right after they recorded this episode.  Will they make it to the open mic in time?  Tune in next week to find out!


Trisha Graybill

Trisha Graybill

To learn more about our special guest, Trisha Graybill, you can read all about her on her journey on her website.  You can also follow her on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, the choice is yours!  And the super curious can read her IMDB profile too!



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