In their first ever pilot podcast, comedians Josiah James and Ryan Rossell discuss comedy, entertainment and technology at a high level.


At a lower level, they talk about George Carlin's new posthumously released album, "I Kinda Like It When a Lotta People Die."  Ryan shares two of his favorite jokes, while Josiah tests out a new bit called "19th Century Social Media", which he calls Carlinesque.  


Josiah talks about the new video that surfaced of the college students being interviewed at the Poly Tech Institute in Texas about basic common knowledge.  Ryan shares his thoughts on the new movies Snowden and Sully.

Ryan asks Josiah about his new animated series that just launched called "Just JoKing" and why it took 3 years to get the first pilot episode launched.  You can watch the pilot episode over on the Jokesbyjo YouTube Channel.


Josiah discusses his recent appearance on the internationally syndicated talk show "The Big Picture" with Thom Hartmann. Josiah discusses how he was able to phone into a live TV show while driving. You can watch Josiah call into the show from his car by watching the full interview here.  


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