Josiah struggles with a caller and Doug shares with us the intimate and hilarious details about his vasectomy appointment.


Josiah and Doug discuss the new show by Norm Macdonald on Netflix called Norm Macdonald Has a Show. From there. we talk about our favorite talk show sidekicks, and hear a hilarious sound byte from Josiah’s favorite sidekick, Karl Pilkington.

Comedian Michelle Wolf gets an honorable mention and we play a clip of her lovely gig at the Correspondents Dinner in D.C.

Is Norm Macdonald gay? We play an incriminating clip, but maybe it’s a joke.


Doug entertains the idea of sleeping with his favorite actress Halle Berry, while at the same time his wife fantasizes about Eminem.


Fantasizing about Eminem takes us into the very recent Rap Battle between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. We play the track off Eminem’s new album Kamikaze that disses Machine Gun Kelly. Then we get to hear Machine Gun Kelly’s rebuttal, Rap Devil. And of course, Eminem comes back with his reply with a song called Kill Shot. This is Doug’s first time listening to this track and it’s very enjoyable.

Then Doug gives us a fabulous walk down hip-hop memory lane, recalling all the famous rap battles that he enjoyed listening to when he was growing up. He talks about MC SHAN, KRS ONE and Nelly, just to name a few. Lot’s of samples tracks get played, so have a listen. We hope you enjoy it.


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