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Tracy's Mom


In this second episode, you'll hear comedians Josiah James and Ryan Rossell perform a live open mic, critique their craft, discuss rehearsal techniques, and close the show with two epic stories from their younger years in Orlando.


Comedians Josiah James and Ryan Rossell share their open mic performances from earlier in the week and critique each others shows.  Josiah opens with his belly button bit that he mentioned in Episode 1 and Ryan opens with his AIDS joke.  The hosts talk about comedy technique, where and how you should rehearse your material, and why jokes are always in threes.  Ryan tells a classic joke about a vagina operation.  


We discuss the parody presidential debate from last week's episode of SNL and Alex Baldwin's excellent portrayal.  "A caricature of a caricature", as Ryan puts it in the show.  Josiah shares how he would have written the debate for SNL if he was a writer on the show.


Josiah and Ryan discuss Hurricane Matthew and how lucky we are to be able to predict storms with such accuracy.  This brings up the topic of Orlando, and Josiah and Ryan both share their favorite Orlando stories.  Josiah discusses his obsession with this girl that worked at a movie theater and their first date.  Ryan tells this amazing story about being in Orlando for Spring Break and finding himself homeless.



The Jokes by Jo Show is the official podcast of comedians/writers Josiah James and Ryan Rossell. You can listen from the show web page, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn or anywhere else that fancies RSS Feeds. Feel free to email us at for anything show related.

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