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Tittabawassee Road


Tittabawassee Road


We recorded this episode in November, 2016 but never published it.  Right before Thanksgiving and just after the election we got together and recorded a 3 hour session.  A lot of our conversation dealt with Trump and the election and aftermath.

Although still relevant, I've cut all the Trump stuff out since it's a bit dated and I'm tired of hearing about Trump everyday.  What is left is just over an hour of our conversation which features a hilarious story by Josiah James about his trip to Saginaw, Michigan.


Josiah has a funny story about his trip to Saginaw Michigan where he was working on-site at a hotel that eerily resembled The Overlook Hotel from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Josiah and Ryan listen to Dave Chappelle's opening monologue from November, 2016 when he hosted SNL.  It was Dave's return to standup after being away for over a decade.


Ryan talks about a look book that he was requested to put together for a tv show his pitching to Hollywood.  Josiah helps Ryan with the design and presentation in hopes that Hollywood gives it a pass.


What's with the NOTE 7?  This device is so lethal you can't even bring it to airports.  Josiah talks about this and a girl he saw on the plane that he wished he was fortunate enough to sit next to.


Josiah and Ryan close the show with Good Headlines.


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