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M. Night Shyama long a ding dong


M. Night Shyama long a ding dong

In Episode 5, M. Night Shymalongadingdong, Josiah James and Ryan Rossell discuss comedians Kevin Hart, Carrot Top and Steven Wright.  In Entertainment, they discuss M. Night Shyamalan, Obama and Doritos Super Bowl commercials.  In Technology, they talk about David Lynch, John Malkovich, Squarespace and D.D.O.S. attacks.  

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Is Kevin Hart funny?  Josiah and Ryan discuss this question that popped up over on Reddit.  
What's going on with professional teams that are named after Native Americans?  Ryan poses this question and the two hosts discuss.  Ryan shares a classic Native American joke and Josiah shares an original joke about his obsession with Native American porn.  Steven Wright gets a mention and Josiah and Ryan share their favorite Steven Wright jokes.  

Ryan talks about the time he met Carrot Top, and the hosts discuss his style of prop comedy. 


Josiah shares a music video he wrote and directed called Obama Said Knock You Out.  Ryan and Josiah discuss the rap video and how it's still relevant in today's political climate.  With our current choices for the next President, Josiah suggests we should let Obama go a third round.

This political parody uses the instrumentals from LL Cool J's famous hit, 'Mama Said Knock You Out' to portray President Barack Obama rapping about how he's still the best candidate for presidency. Let's let him go three rounds and knock out the other lightweight contenders.

Josiah and Ryan share a project they collaborated on together for a Doritos Superbowl commercial contest that they still feel should have won them one million dollars and a contract at a major movie studio.  

This is my submission to the Doritos 2013 Crash the Super Bowl contest. It was inspired by a real life cardinal that flies into my living room window every morning.

For those that are interested, you can view the short film that inspired this commercial called The Crazy Cardinal.

Is M. Night Shyamalan back?  Josiah and Ryan watch the new trailer for his latest film Split, and how this may be the proof in the pudding that he is back to making great films again.


Squarespace, David Lynch and John Malkovich collaborate on a new project and Josiah and Ryan share clips and discuss the new website  The site is a collaborative meditation on the work of David Lynch.  

How fragile is the Internet?  Josiah and Ryan discuss the latest D.D.O.S. attack that targeted the DNS servers that brought down some of the most visited sites on the web.  Who was responsible?  How can we protect ourselves from future attacks?  


Josiah and Ryan discuss their upcoming open mic performances and dating Amy Schumer.
Ryan closes the show with his favorite classic joke about 2 old men playing chess in a park.  



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