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Grab Them by the Pussy at Forever 21


Grab Them by the Pussy at Forever 21

Grabbing them by the pussy, how Josiah and Ryan met, how the hosts got into comedy, Hollywood lawsuits and for our closer Josiah shares another epic dating story.


The Jokes by Jo Show introduces a new sponsor, Grab Them by the Pussy Foundation

Josiah James and Ryan Rossell discuss their upcoming bits they intend to perform at open mic next week.  The co-hosts also introduce CoCo, a new co-host for The Jokes by Jo Show that joins towards the end of the show.  During the beginning of the show, Josiah gets a spam phone call  which leads to a discussion about call centers.  The two also discuss the second presidential debate and the parody done with the horror film score by legendary composer Danny Elfman.  Ken Bone makes it into the conversation because he's such a likable guy.  Josiah finishes his story about Tracy's mom, which closed the show last week.  

Josiah and Ryan also discuss how they first met and what inspired them to be stand-up comedians.  Josiah discusses the experience he had while singing in the shower that certified his belief that stand-up comedy was his calling.

Ryan tells another classic joke with the help of his new co-host, CoCo.


Josiah and Ryan introduce a new show segment called Good Headlines where they read 3 fake headlines.  The headlines were written by Josiah James and will be featured on the show weekly.


Ryan and Josiah both discuss the low budget feature films they've directed in the past.  Ryan talks about his film Black Wine and the difficulties he faced in firing gunshots in Brooklyn for a key scene in the movie.  Black Wine is available for rent on Amazon.

Josiah discusses his film Don't Talk So Dumb and how when he signed on it was supposed to be a short film, but the writer just kept writing and it became a feature. Don't Talk So Dumb is available for rent on Amazon

Ryan discusses all the lawsuits in Hollywood (Ray Donovan, New Girl, Broken Flowers) regarding stolen screenplays and manuscripts, and also dives deeper into two of his scripts that he believes were stolen from him after being passed on by several major film studios. Ryan has his revenge planned in the form of a children's book. Stay tuned for that to come out in the next decade. "Who knows if it will ever come out...".  Speaking of children's books, Josiah recommends Go the Fuck to Sleep.  And please check out Samuel L. Jackson narrating Go the Fuck to Sleep.

CoCo the Co-Host

The Jokes by Jo Show hired a new co-host to help them each week and she will be featured several times throughout each episode moving forward.  This week, she helps Ryan and Josiah finish the punchlines for several jokes.  


In lieu of a technology piece, Ryan urges Josiah to tell another dating story.  Josiah amuses Ryan with a hilarious and unfiltered experience of a date with a girl who worked at Forever 21.


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