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Baum Shelter


Baum Shelter

Open mic performances, Mascots, Nintendo Switch, and Josiah reads an email he gets from Louie C.K.


Josiah James and Ryan Rossell share their open mic performances with you.  Enjoy Josiah rant about his wife for 5 minutes and roll with laughter as Ryan walks you through Sky Mall magazine. Both comics agree they did better than their last time on stage, so hip hip hurrah for progress. We close the segment with Ryan finally sharing a dating story on the's about time Ryan!

SKY MAGAZINE PRODUCTS (as mentioned in Ryan Rossel's open mic set this week)



Good Headlines are back for a second week with 3 brand fake news headlines.  Josiah shares two while Coco reads the last one.  


Josiah and Ryan discuss the new movie by Christopher Guest, Mascots.  Both are huge fans of his work and this film certainly doesn't disappoint.  Josiah gives it a 5/5 with Ryan being safe and giving it a 4/5.  Be sure to catch all the comedy, exclusively on Netflix.


Nintendo has a new console coming out next March, and Josiah and Ryan watch the promo video and discuss the new gaming console, aptly named "Switch".  



Josiah shares an email that he received from his favorite comedian, Louie C.K.  Louie likes to write novels when he writes Josiah, so the closer for today's show is Josiah reading the entire email out loud for all the comedy fans out there.  It's certainly better than any of his dating stories.  To purchase Barry Crimmins stand up special, head on over to Louie's site and download it for $5 bucks.


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