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Acute Angina


Acute Angina


It's open mic week!  Josiah James and Ryan Rossell share their open mic performances from earlier in the week.  Josiah resurfaces some older material for his set and Ryan opens with a hilarious new bit about stage time, before crashing and burning with a Halloween bit (his words, not mine).  

We were graced by a very unusual stand-up performance by a local hack comedian that went up on stage wearing a Peter Pan leotard.  We play a bit of the weirdest set ever and add our colorful commentary.

We also discuss the Barry Crimmins stand-up special 'Whatever Threatens You' that was released earlier in the month over on Louis C.K.'s website.  We review the hour special and play a few clips from Barry's performance.   


What do NFL players and dildo's have in common?  They're both better when they're black. We discuss the white dildo that was thrown onto the field during the Bills vs. Patriots game.

Josiah and Ryan discuss two very powerful short films that came out recently on Vimeo.  The first is The Present, by Jacob Frey.  The second one they discuss is Borrowed Time, a very profound and unusual animated short by some Pixar folks.

Halloween season has just left us and Josiah and Ryan discuss the movie Hush, which is available on Netflix.  This movie has maintained a 100% rating over on Rotten Tomatoes, and after watching it, it's evident why it is so liked.  

Good Headlines are back this week and all of the hosts take turns reading some fake headlines.


Ryan closes the show with a classic joke about a slutty favorite kind.




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