We want to apologize for the delay in getting this episode uploaded. Our studio was flooded due to a water heater exploding and we’ve been out of commission ever since. This episode was recorded back in Spring and we are just now getting around to editing it for your listening pleasure. Lots of great stories are shared this episode so be sure to check it out.


Josiah and Doug spend the first half hour of the show discussing their favorite Quentin Tarantino movies. From Hateful Eight, to Django Unchained to Pulp Fiction, they touch on some of their favorite scenes from one of the greatest directors of all time. Also, hear the best scene from the movie True Romance with an excellend performance from Dennis Hopper.


Josiah tells Doug about an exciting project that he pitched to Comedy Central late last year. Josiah partnered with his long time collaborator Chris Silvestre for the pitch. They worked together for the pilot episode of Just Joking. He relates the pitching experience to a famous episode of Seinfeld where George and Jerry pitch NBC their show about nothing.

Doug reflects on one of his favorite jokes from comedy legend Richard Pryor. They also discuss the upcoming The Richard Pryor story which is a documentary about the life of Richard Pryor as played by comedian and actor Mike Epps.

Doug and Josiah discuss trying to find your unique voice as a modern-day comedian.

We also listen to the very funny doorbell joke from comedian Sebastian Maniscalco

Josiah tests out his idea for a TED TALK joke, does it work?

Doug explains why you get dizzy when your dad or uncle spin you when you were little.

They also discuss their love for roller coasters, from Superman at Great Adventure and Millennium Force at Cedar Point.


Josiah shares a very humorous story about the time he was waiting in line for the new Superman ride that had just opened at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Doug shares a story about the superman gangster in his life that sleeps at work no matter the consequences.

Josiah tries to prove he is more gangster with a story of his own about travelling to Saginaw Michigan and trying to get through their security checkpoint.

Josiah tells Doug about the new Lovesac sectional he purchased for his living room.

Josiah shares one of his old jokes about his Droopy Balls.

Doug is confused by the moment of silence that is often accompanied at major sporting events such as college basketball.

Josiah shares a story about when he was in boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois for Naval training.


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