Josiah and Doug welcome their special guest Keith Brown, who suffers from cerebral palsy. He joins today’s episode to discuss Roast Battles, in particular the battle between Nicole Becannon and Joe Eurell, who also has cerebral palsy.


Keith shares his favorite rappers from back in the day. Doug professes his distaste for 2Pac. Josiah shares his lousy attempt at a rap from the last episode.


Keith tells us all about his hobbies making robots and being a cerebral dad. We discuss robots, artificial intelligence, aliens, and if we are currently living in a simulation.

Doug boils AI down to one meaningless feature, that Giant Bonus Cards can communicate with your Draft Kings account==.

To close the segment, Doug shares a lovely anniversary story with us about the gift his wife bought him to celebrate their second year anniversary.


Keith shares his cerebral palsy story and Josiah and Doug try to relate to the restrictions placed on his life. We find out that Keith and Doug both stretch in the shower.


The main theme in today’s episode is comedians with physical disabilities. All comedians have mental disabilities, but today we listen to a few comedians with cerebral palsy and discuss their performances. The first is a Roast Battle between Nicole Becannon and Joe Eurell. Later in the show, we listen to a more traditional stand up routine from comedian Josh Blue, winner of 2006 Last Comic Standing who also suffers from cerebral palsy.

Clips from one of our favorite comedians George Carlin make there way onto the show again to highlight our discussion around God being the number one cause of all death and destruction in this world.


Josiah shares some humorous stories about his best friend Cleveland and the great relationship they have had for the past 15 years.

Doug recalls a haunting story about the time he received a phone call at 3am from a mutual comedy friend of ours, Tyler Rothrock.


Doug shares a story about being heckled by his wife at one of his comedy performances and how he shot her the look of death. We then play that performance for our listeners, where Doug has the crowd in stitches throughout his entire set. Big laughs, as you would expect from the one and only Doug McHizzle.


We close the show with several improv games. We had a lot of fun playing them and we hope you have just as much fun listening.

The Job Interview

Doug gets interviewed for a job and accepts the position but then has to guess what position he was just hired for.

Paint or Pussy

Doug tries to defend his title as the champion of our favorite game. Josiah announces a name and Doug and Keith have to decide if that name is a paint color or a feminine hygiene scent.

The Operation

To close the show, Doug has an operation and tells us all about it. The thing is, he doesn’t know what operation he had, and it’s up to Keith and Josiah to steer him in the right direction. This is hilarious and you don’t want to miss it!


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